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Currently Available 
Giving dogs a second chance at life and love!

From time to time we have adoptable dogs.  These are often dogs that we have pulled from the shelter at the shelter directors request, or have found on the streets and were never able to locate the original owner.

We can't help them many, but the ones we can, forever remain in our heart's! 

We currently do not have any dogs available for adoption.


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Twenty-five percent of dogs who enter local shelters are purebred.
Shelter pets for adoption are wonderful companions who became victims of family tragedy or unlucky circumstances.

More than 20 percent of people who leave dogs at shelters adopted them from a shelter.

Kohl, now living in Lake Tahoe.Dodger, Now living in Tracy, CAAllie, Now living in Oakley, CaChip, Now living in Santa CruzKyla(now GrayC), Now living in Monterey, Ca.  Alder( now Fancy) Living in San Jose CaWyatt, Now living in Santa CruzNicolas( now Titan) living in AZVirgil( was Fluffy, Now Vador) living in Vallejo CARuby ( now Winnie) living in Carson CityTitan.. living life in Central Ca!Ruby.. now living Central CaMorgan( now Rocky) Now living in San Jose CaLucy, Now lives in Campbell, CaBeauty, Now lives in Santa CruzChunk, Now living in San FranciscoOliver, now living in GilroyCorey..  now living in San Jose, CA
We heard that his little girl wants to name him Princess!!  Peter.. Now living in Cupertino, Ca.  His name has been changed to Oreo.Peter.. now known as Cody! Living in Sunnyvale, CaMickey! Now living in San JoseQuidam, now living with Tracy Police Officer.Savannah.. Lives in Los CupertinoNova, passed away at 14 weeks of age from Parvo. Her vaccines failed and she was not able to fight the illness. She died on our arms.Naven, now lives in Gilroy and is bonded with an autistic child. Can you say service dog in his future??