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Real World Real Life Dogs!
Training Options for the real world
  • Private In Home Behavior
  • Obedience Lessons
  • Socialization Programs
  • Dog Park Lessons


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Obedience Lessons
  • Private Lessons, just you and your dog
  • Small Group Lessons, four dogs or less!
  • While you work. We come to your home, train your dog and then leave you detailed instuctions/homework.
  • Real world.  Dog must have completed previous lessons or evaluation with us.
  • Lessons can be taylored to your needs

In Home Behavior  Consultations
  • In home behavior consultations are best for families having difficulty with the dog in the home, the yard, or in the neighborhood.
  • As a team we create a behavior modification plan that is easy to understand, easy to follow, and will produce results.

Socialization Programs
  • Free weekly pack walks
  • Socialization programs puppies
  • Programs for fearful dogs.

            We no longer deal with dog  aggressive dogs. We can provide you with
            a referral to some well known and trusted aggression specialists.