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URGENT     12.2.2011
Shiba needs to be found ASAP!
Sheba belongs to the Shimek family. This family recently suffered a major loss through a Murder / Suicide.  Not only did the teenage boys lose their parents, now one of the dogs is missing.  She was being cared for by a family friend in Hollister about 15 miles from home. She could be any ware by now.  Her home is in Gilroy, so she might be trying to make her way this way.  Shiba was in heat at the time she disappeared.

12.7.2011  Search party looking for her today, they have her sister dog with her, as well as intact male.  She was last seen near Nash Rd, in Hollister. 
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Statistics show that less than 16% of lost dogs are returned to their rightful owners.
The three most common reasons why dogs become separated from their families are opportunistic journey, wanderlust, and blind panic.

Your first line of defense against a lost pet is identification. A registered microchip and identification tags make it easy to reunite you.






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